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Ruben Caliandro

Graphics Programmer, Game Programmer, Full-Stack Web Developer

  • Date of Birth
  • June 7, 1990
  • Email
  • Phone
  • (+39) 333 736 8333
  • Location
  • Torino, IT

I have a strong interest in Computer Graphics and Videogames since I was 15.
I work as Graphics Programmer at Tiny Bull Studios, an indie game developer based in Torino (Italy). I make real-time visual effects and I am specialized in writing shaders for Virtual Reality.

I am also Web Developer since 2010. I worked in companies located in Italy (Torino) and USA (Sunnyvale, CA).

I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science in 2012 and a Master's Degree in Virtual Reality in 2017, both with the score of 110/110 with honors.

Work Experience

Turin, Italy

Dec, 2016 — Present

3 years 5 months

Graphics Programmer, Game Programmer at Tiny Bull Studios srl:

Visual Effects and Game Programming

  • Shader Programming and Optimisation
  • Particle Systems and Post-Processing
  • Making the effects support Virtual Reality
  • Main Technologies: Unity, C#, ShaderLab, CG/HLSL/GLSL, Oculus, Vive, PlayStation 4

Turin, Italy

May, 2015 — Sep, 2017

2 years 5 months

Full-stack Web Developer at Tandù srl:

Project Management and Full-Stack Development.

  • Main technologies: Node.js/Express, Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, AWS, Docker

Sunnyvale, CA, USA

Jul, 2014 — Oct, 2014

3 months

Front-end Web Developer at Eversnap:

Front-end Development

  • Web application development (front-end) using AngularJS
  • Project architecture refactoring
  • Automatic tools and CI with git, GruntJS and Fabric

Turin, Italy

Jan, 2013 — Jan, 2014

1 year

Full-Stack Web Developer at MyTable:

Full-Stack Development

  • Web Application Design and Development (both Client and Server-Side).
  • Design and Development of some Ruby Gems (and Rails Engines).
  • Skills: Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, MySQL, UML

Turin, Italy

Apr, 2010 — Jan, 2013

2 years 10 months

Web Developer at Condominioitalia Editrice:

Web Development

  • Web Application Design, Developement and Graphics.
  • Private Network and PCs Maintenance.
  • Recording and Editing of the online news 'TG del Condominio'.
  • Skills: PHP, MySQL, (X)HTML, Javascript.

Sep, 2009 — Jun, 2013

3 years 9 months

Film Projectionist, Cinema Teatro Cuore:

35mm Film Projections.

  • Film assembling and deassembling.
  • Security checks.
  • Film projections and manual changeovers with two Cinemeccanica Victoria 8.

Jan, 2013 — Oct, 2017

Score: 110/110 with honors

Università degli studi di Torino - Computer Science Department

Master of Science: Computer Graphics, Virtual Reality and Multimedia

  • MFN0978 - Virtual Reality Systems - 30/30 with honors
  • MFN0947 - Multimedia Database - 28/30
  • MFN0972 - Digital Image Processing and Artificial Vision - 30/30
  • MFN0970 - Physics for Virtual Reality - 30/30
  • MFN0942 - Artificial Intelligence - 30/30
  • MFN0973 - 3D Graphics Modeling - 30/30 with honors
  • MFN0962 - Numerical Methods - 20/30
  • MFN0960 - Concurrent Models and Distributed Algorithms - 30/30
  • MFN0963 - English II - Approved
  • MFN0961 - Information Theory - 27/30
  • MFN0949 - Cognitive Systems - 30/30
  • MFN0951 - Digital Audio and Music Processing - 30/30 with honors
  • MFN0977 - Neural Networks - 30/30

Thesis: Visual Effects for Real-Time Stereoscopic Rendering

Sep, 2009 — Dec, 2012

Score: 110/110 with honors

Università degli studi di Torino - Computer Science Department

Bachelor of Science: Computer Science (Networks)

Thesis: Spam Analysis tools

Sep, 2004 — Jul, 2009

High School P. Gobetti

High School: Science

Thesis: Mathematics applied to 3D Computer Graphics Programming


Dec, 2016 — Sep, 2018

Blind — VR Game

Blind is a narrative-driven psychological thriller for virtual reality where the player is blind and must explore their surroundings using echolocation.

  • Keywords: Virtual Reality, Puzzle Game, Unity, Oculus, SteamVR, PlayStation VR

Sep, 2016

Feed The Troll — Videogame

A multi-player multi-device videogame, with an unconventional gameplay based on real communication between the players.

  • Winner of the MTV Mega Game Jam 2016 @ MTV Digital Days 2016
  • Keywords: 2D Game, Asymmetrical co-op multiplayer, Unity

Dec, 2014

Tron Lightcycles — 3D Model

A 3D scene representing two Lightcycles from the movie 'Tron Legacy'. Modeled with Blender and shaded with OSL.

  • Keywords: 3D Modeling, Blender, Shaders, OSL

Feb, 2015

Lazy — Videogame

Lazy is the video game who doesn't want to be played. The game is not willing to play with you and it will try everything to make you quit as soon as possible.

  • Keywords: 3D Game, First Person, Unity3D, Cross-Platform

Aug, 2014

Battle Bugs — Videogame

Strategy game made in 48h for the Alpha Game Jam in San Francisco. Defend your home and destroy the enemy hive or defeat all the enemy bugs

  • Keywords: 2D Game, Strategy, Unity3D, Cross-Platform

Nov, 2013

ScrollCraft — Videogame

Developed in 48hours, during the international Indie Speed Run 2013. It is an endless runner featuring the theme and the element assigned to the team: Speed and Scroll.

  • Keywords: 2D Game, MonoGame, C#, Cross-Platform
  • Team members: Roberto Pesando, Stefano Nada, Stefano Ordine and I

Jul, 2013

AMCG — Videogame

Another Multiplayer Cuboids Game: a shared-screen party game where characters are controlled with smartphones.

  • Keywords: Unity, C#, GLSL, Network, Multiplayer
  • Team members: Roberto Pesando and I

Apr, 2013

Minesweeper3D — Videogame

A 3D version of the classic Minesweeper made in 48h. The puzzle is really hard to solve: the average resolution time for a 10x10x15 grid is about an hour.

  • Keywords: 3D Game, Puzzle Game, XNA, C#

Jan, 2010 — Jan, 2013

Continuum — Videogame

A 2D space shooter for Windows Phone made with XNA. Collecting "tachyon streams" you are enabled to rewind and warp the time.

  • Keywords: 2D Game, Space Shooter, XNA, Windows Phone, Time Travel.
  • Team members: Stefano Nada, Stefano Ordine and I

Apr, 2009 — Jul, 2009

Mathematics applied to 3D Computer-Graphics programming — 3D Simulation, High School Thesis

A 3D Simulation of the Solar System built with C# and DirectX, presented as a thesis demo at the end of the High School

  • Keywords: 3D Simulation, DirectX, C#, HLSL shaders, High School Thesis


Sep 10, 2016

MTV Mega Game Jam @ MTV Digital Days 2016

Won with "Feed The Troll", an asymmetrical co-op multiplayer made with Unity.

Second place

Aug 15, 2014

Alpha Game Jam 2014, San Francisco

Won with "Battle Bugs", a strategy 2D game made with Unity.

Third place

Feb 23, 2015

Global Game Jam 2015, Turin Competition

Won with "Lazy", the game who doesn't want to be played. Made with Unity.

  • Italian
  • Native speaker
  • English
  • Professional working proficiency

Guitar: Electric Guitar, Classical Guitar

Film Projectionism: 35mm film projections

Rubik's Cube: up to 4x4x4