Ruben Caliandro

Ruben Caliandro

Computer Graphics, Web Development and Videogames


Computer Graphics

I have a strong interest in Computer Graphics and Videogames since I was 15. I wrote my first graphics framework during High School, with DirectX, C# and HLSL, and I used it to build some nice 3D simulations and other fancy stuff. Recently I made some works with WebGL, Blender & GLSL

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Web Development

I am Full-Stack Web Developer since 2010. I worked in companies located in Italy (Torino) and USA (Sunnyvale, CA), developing Web Applications with Ruby on Rails, Node.js/Express, Angular and some other frameworks. Hey, this site is made with Jekyll!

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Video Games

Currently I work as Graphics Programmer at Tiny Bull Studios, an indie game developer that's making a cool VR project. I also like to develop small videogames in my spare time using Unity, MonoGame or other web technologies. I also used to attend many game jams around the world, as I did in Torino, Roma and San Francisco.

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Latest posts

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A shader made for the Torino Digital Days 2019 

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The evolution of the classical Minesweeper 

Fractal Shaders

Some Fractal Shader 


A 3D game made in 48h for the Global Game Jam 

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A 2D strategy game made in 48h 


A 2D runner game made in 48h 

Up to 100

A simple but challenging web game